Meet the Team


Morag Campbell


I have always had a deep connection to the planet, pagan beliefs and natural magic. I have worked with a natural healing system for many years that embraces each of the energies of air, fire, water and earth. Their manifestations in the human mind and body play a hidden but vital part in our everyday lives and wellbeing.

My introduction to geomancy came through Phil. He was genuinely excited about coming across this form of divination, and as he started to explain it to me, it touched something deep within. An oracle that worked with the energies of the Earth and the natural elements, with polarities and correspondences, was music to my soul.

Phil Young


Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated with the mysteries of fate and fortune. Fostered, in part, by my grandmothers - one of whom was a powerful and accurate psychometrist, and the other who regularly did readings from tea leaves - I developed a fascination with the idea that you could somehow foretell the future. In our library at home, we had a huge book on fortune telling called; ‘Everybody’s book of Fate and Fortune’ by Edwards Lyndoe (published 1937). The book covered a huge range of topics, including astrology, phrenology, graphology, numerology, cartomancy, magic and much more. As a child I found it fascinating, if somewhat incomprehensible.

 Michael Nolan


Michael  created all the images on the Sigil cards. Michael is based in County Cork, Southern Ireland. He is an artist, a tattoo artist and an accomplished martial artist. The design process took many years as some of the sigils are conceptually abstract and therefore extremely challenging to realise with appropriate imagery. The first piece of artwork that he created for us was the desert geomancer who appears on the first page of the accompanying guide book, as well as on the geomancer card set box. The image came from Michael's own consciousness and powerfully evokes the traditional origins of Geomancy.

The Celtic Green Ray

It is hard to say if this card set would ever have come into fruition if it were not for the fact that it was conceived and brought to fruition on the island of Ireland. Ireland, land of myths and magic, of god like figures such as the Tuatha de Dannann and elementals, the most famous of which is the mischievous Leprechaun.

There is a palpable magic in the land which envelops you and, if you are not careful, carries you away. With our feet firmly on the ground and the help of our Irish illustrator, a gentle giant of a man who could have descended from the Gods of old, we achieved our take on the geomancer's ancient art. Thank you Ireland for all you have given us.