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From the beginning of our life on Earth we have searched for answers at pivotal moments in our life.
Some looked to the heavens for guidance, whilst others put their trust in Mother Earth.
The ancient art of Geomancy, which has its roots in the desert sands, is one such divinatory tool. 
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Geomancy - The Oracle of the Earth

Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated with the mysteries of fate and fortune. Some years ago, Geomancy appeared in my life as a side effect of a different piece of research. I was also fascinated by the visual and mathematical aspects of the reading and its echoes of the I-Ching. French magician Robert Ambelain once described Geomancy as a Western I-Ching.

Phil Young
Co-Creator of the Geomancer Cards -

Geomancy touched something deep within me. An oracle that worked with the energies of the Earth and the natural elements, with polarities and correspondences, was music to my soul. I have always had a deep connection to the planet, pagan beliefs and natural magic. I work with a natural healing system that embraces each of the energies of air, fire, water and earth. Now here was a system of divination that embraces those same elements and asks the spirits of the Earth itself for guidance.

Morag Campbell
Co-Creator of the Geomancer Cards -

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